Sunday, April 6, 2014

Retail Worker

I work in a little boutique on NW 23rd street. Sometimes working in retail is very fast paced, but other times, it can look like this:
Sweep, dust, size, wait, repeat.
All of you who have worked in retail, I'm sure, know about the different types of customers. You have the people who want to buy everything in the store, the people who "really shouldn't be shopping right now," the people who say things like, "this is a solid maybe!," and the people who spend about an hour looking at every single item in the store. Then you have the people who just want to have a conversation, the people who are going to a wedding tomorrow and need a dress now, and the people who insist that a certain style of clothing doesn't look good on them, has never looked good on them, and will never look good on them. Ok, then! Having a job in retail can be very entertaining, and it's all thanks to the fabulous customers! ;)

Some more takes: