Sunday, May 18, 2014

Commercial Downpour

Today I got to be in a commercial to help promote the organization I work for, Democracy Resources. This was so exciting for me... a commercial, a commercial! I get to appear on daytime television! Luckily I was dressed in my tight, booty poppin' pants and leopard print belt for the occasion.

It absolutely poured outside today as I asked people to sign for my causes. The rain and cold make it a thousand times harder to ask people to sign because you feel like a dick for even asking. You want to make someone stand there in the rain and listen to you talk about a ballot measure? Sometimes your job requires you to be the person no one likes. Personally, I think it's a good life skill to have, so that if you're in a situation in real life where no one likes you, you're already used to it! Ha ha! 

This is what my day looked like, in pieces:

Still pleasant outside:
 Ominous storm clouds above:
 Lots of water, walking over the bridge twice:
 I got completely drenched. My jacket, scarf, pants, and backpack all took a shower, as well as my head:
 No more Maggie:

Extra Reading:
Thomas Jackson: What I love about Jackson's work is how he creates fantasy in his images. He can change a normal-looking scene by using a nebulae of inanimate objects or a strange alien as subjects. The lighting is beautiful in Jackson's photographs, and the subject matter is colorful, playful, and mysterious.