Friday, May 2, 2014


Today I went to talk to my amazing, utterly fabulous, sweet, very helpful, beautiful college counselor, Julia, to ask her for some advice. (Can you tell I like her?) Anyway, when I got there, all the normal papers and coffee mug with tea was intact, but she was NOT THERE! As I wrote Julia a note telling her that I had come by, I noticed a few sticky notes had gotten stuck to my shoe...

Oh, high school. How I miss you, so. 

Extra Reading:
Bill Yates: The first camera Yates was ever given was right before a flight in his father's Cessna 195. Ever since, he has created images from above, capturing the world in its grid-like design. Yates flies and photographs; talk about multitasking! He is also the creator of a much older project, one that depicts youth in a truthful and nostalgic way. Everyone, young or old, can relate to this project, made in the years of 1972 and 1973. You can find more on that here

I hope you all are enjoying today (and that you've managed to graduate high school). Thanks for reading!