Sunday, May 25, 2014

Date Night Models

Seeing my parents get all dressed up and going on dates makes me happy. I've always thought that I have very good role models for every aspect of life, but I think my parents beat most other people's parents in terms of fashion. When people say, "that's something my mother would wear," it's usually said with a bad taste in the mouth, but when I say that, it is a good thing!

They are so fly:

I consider myself very lucky because I am surrounded by so many wonderful people. :)

Extra Reading:
Patrick Demarchelier: Patrick Demarchelier is a very well-known photographer whose work you'd know even if you weren't a photographer or an artist. He has shot countless advertisements, magazine spreads, and covers, and his clients include almost every magazine under the sun. His work his amazing, and I am very inspired by him. 

Be Fancy

This is what dressing up looks like the night of:

And the morning after:

In I walked to the apartment with a black dress and leather jacket, my feet slipped into bright pink platforms. 

Out I walked in my boyfriend's pajamas, green bottoms, red shirt, leather jacket again, and again bright pink platforms. Walk of shame, no shame. 

It is important to practice getting dressed up for no reason. People save their dress clothes for special events, their china for proper dinners, their fancy soaps for twice per year use. Why? Any day and everyday should be celebrated in some way, or else life can become dull. Clothes are made to be worn, china to be eaten upon, soaps to clean things. There shouldn't be shame in using them for their purposes, no matter if they're considered "fancy" or not. 

Sometimes I can't handle how much my boyfriend and I look alike:
I love this car I saw on my walk of shame:

Extra Reading:
Lindsay Elliot: Elliot's website started out more or less like a large Facebook photo album, and then progressed into more formal photographs of events and gatherings. I love all the posters on the homepage of her site, and the photographs she takes "for love," which are personal and intimate, not always composed quite correctly, giving them charm. You can also read a blogpost about her work here