Monday, June 2, 2014

Rachael's Wedding

I was finally able to organize and edit some of the photographs I took at Rachael's wedding! Being a wedding photographer is a difficult job, but always rewarding, and I have always learned from photographing weddings. Rachael's wedding was intimate and fun, and I know she'll have a long and loving life with her new husband, Scott. 

Extra Reading:
Iain Crawford: Crawford uses props to create images with magnificent texture, color, and shape. Each photograph is layered and multifaceted because of his smart use of props. It takes a talented artist to use props in a successful way, and Crawford definitely does. 

Car As Sanctuary

My car has always been a kind of sanctuary for me. I enjoy the space between being in one place and being in another: a time where roads and trees and skies and people zip by, and all you have to focus on is the road and cars in front of you. Then when you get to the place you need to be, you can still sit in the car if you are afraid to get out, you can lay down and take a nap if you get tired, and you can use it as a little shelter from the rain. You can listen to music while you sit in a driveway and think, and you can just enjoy what is going on outside of the car. I have many memories, good and bad, from being in the car; I have used it for road trips, talking through issues and gossiping, getting to work and friends' houses, and for all the things I mentioned above. It has served me well many times. 

Extra Reading:
Finbarr O'Reilly: O'Reilly is a photojournalist who is based in Senegal in Africa. He started as a writer, but began a photographic career in 2005, and has shot for many magazines and newspapers since. O'Reilly's photographs are expansive and each one reveals a powerful story. I also love the way his website is formatted, which makes it easier to enjoy his photographs.