Thursday, May 8, 2014

I've Walked the Walk 1,000 Times

When I went to Portland State University last year, I often walked home from school. In order to get home, I had to walk up a big hill, and my backpack was always filled up completely (because really, I'm still an awkward middle schooler at heart and I am clueless on how to pack). So, I walked up this hill (and down it) several times per week, and though I already had a lot of things in my backpack, I'd always take my camera. Each time, I'd take photographs on that walk, and each day I'd notice a lot of the same things, but I'd also notice many different things. Or I'd notice the same things in a different way.

This morning I had to walk home from my boyfriend's apartment, which is located just blocks away from PSU. Again, I had a giant backpack, but instead of being filled with books and a packed lunch, this backpack had a dress, dirty clothes, makeup, my computer, and a camera in it (I carried the other camera in my hands). As I walked that same walk that I did so many times last year, I again noticed a lot of the same things and many different things, too. I also noticed the same things in a different way. Again. 

Before I got to my hill, when I was still on PSU grounds, I heard someone behind me call my name. I turned around, and it was my friend, Justin, sitting in the smoking shack, a place where people can smoke cigarettes in peace and communion. Though I don't smoke, I went to talk to Justin. He was alone at first, but after that, many people began to trickle in, and I stayed and talked and listened to them for over an hour. It was an unexpected and enjoyable experience, and I got to witness a guy smoke nearly a pack of cigarettes in one sitting, which I am speechless about! 

Extra Reading: Today I am not going to suggest photographers, but rather people who do cool lettering.
Nick Sherman: Sherman's Flickr account is filled with fonts and lettering. I was originally drawn by this poster. 
The Most Badass Grocery List You've Ever Seen: Self-explanatory. Art. If we all made grocery lists like this, we'd spend more time making the list than shopping for groceries!