Friday, May 16, 2014


Right now my stepdad is watching a boxing match and one of the fighter's names is pronounced "asshole-stein." The commentators keep saying, assholestein this and assholestein that. I feel bad for this guy. And no wonder he's a fighter; having a name that's pronounced like his cannot make for an easy life. He must feel the need to take his anger out somewhere.

"That's the last thing in the world that assholestein needs."
"Unless assholestein can do something dramatic, it might not even matter."

This morning, I cut potatoes into little strips, then seasoned them, baked them for awhile, and then took them out of the oven and proceeded to fry them in bacon grease. They turned into the type of fries that you don't even need ketchup with.

I like wearing the same clothes two days in a row. Clothes always seem to form to your body better on the second day.

These little tidbits have nothing to do with the photographs that I will show today. They're just little details of my life that I thought were more interesting than something philosophical and deep I could come up with about the following photos:

Extra Reading:
Nelson Treehouse and Supply: My dream right now is to build a treehouse that I can live in. The team of treehouse builders that you'll find at this link make treehouses like the one I want to have for myself. Go take a look at their work because it is amazing and magical!