Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Shopping and Working and Shopping

Today was one of those days where a friend asked if I would go shopping with her because she needed new work clothes, and even though I only really needed a swimsuit, I ended up buying more than she did. Isn't that always how it goes? There were things on sale that were also perfect, like the buttery red leather jacket I bought at EXIT, the inexpensive maxi dresses I bought from Target, and the type of summery wedges I had lusted after forever that I bought from PlaTform. That's why I work my ass off, so that I can look cute and have fun and be young, oh yes!
Extra Reading:
Ron Cowie: I am feeling nostalgic for alternative processes, and Cowie's work is just making me feel more nostalgic. So much nature, so much quiet beauty, so much black and white. Perfect. Please go look at his work. Also check out his blog here!