Thursday, May 22, 2014

Death Scene By Self

What if you ran through the forest by yourself
through the thicket and the dark
you are barefoot and
your feet begin to bleed because you have been skimming those toes against every particle
on purpose

You come across a clearing with dewy grass
and you wipe your blood on those blades
it's all smeared now,
looking up to a moon that is
closer than you saw it yesterday.

The lover you had five years ago walks
up to you
you made me happy one day
but those are just thoughts
it's actually silent and
your lover,
she touches you
her hand goes right through you
which makes her disappear again,
like a bubble, when it pops.

A warm, black sea bubbles up around you
there is a tiny sailboat in the distance
with a striped red sail
and if you make it to that boat
by kicking your feet
you could make it back to the thicket where you began.

Though you can't
you fled from real life and now
of course
you want it back
and you thought that sailboat was close, maybe
and you realize you are completely alone
all alone with yourself
your thoughts
your heartbeat
and that sailboat that

you can't reach.
I'm sorry.
It's so difficult, isn't it?

Thump, thump.
your heartbeat goes on

Wow, what's a DSLR again when you've used an iPhone?

Extra Reading:
Liz Kasameyer: I like many of Kasameyer's portraits because she has an intimate and mysterious style that is intriguing. She'll get very close to her subjects and expose raw moments that I find very attractive. If you check out this blog, you can read more about a project that she dedicated to people who lost their lives in the Holocaust.