Sunday, June 15, 2014


The other night my best friend, Aliera, came over (she had just gotten home from Kalamazoo, where she goes to college).
We have known each other and been best friends since seventh grade, when we met at the school we both went to, Northwest Academy. When we first met, I thought she was weird. She looked pretty much exactly the same as she does now (with a slightly more baby face), but she always wore this tasseled, Mickey Mouse hat that I thought was bizarre. Her first memory of me is also of a hat I wore, that was pink and from Hawaii. I don't remember exactly how we clicked, but I do know that we were both mini-adults, and though Aliera had an adopted sister, she understood my only child-ness because she had been an only child until she was eight. Quickly, we became inseparable.
Aliera and I were born exactly a month apart, her on July 8th, me on August 8th, 1994. We both knew what it felt like to be the youngest people in the class. Both of us were considered over-achievers and sometimes "goody two shoes," though neither of us are goody two shoes at all. I don't think people ever realized how un-nice we sometimes were when everyone else was out of earshot! 
Aliera is one of the most sentimental people I know. She gives wonderful gifts and writes even more wonderful Christmas and birthday cards. We don't talk that much throughout the year, and she is really bad at answering my texts. However, every once in awhile, she sends me this really sweet text, telling me that she misses me and thinks of me always and says other things that almost always bring me to tears (she also manages to send these texts when I need them the most).
We're on the same wavelength. Telepathy. 
We call each other "bub," and we can sit in silence with each other for a really long time without getting uncomfortable. We complete each other's thoughts and each other's sentences, and we automatically know what's up just by exchanging a meaningful glance in each other's direction.
Aliera has been there for me during times where I was completely happy and completely sad; she challenges my perspectives on the world; she is left handed and one of the funnniest people I know, and she can wiggle her eyes in this really bizarre way and she can make a rooster-like noise (but not on command, it has to be spontaneous); she is lovely, compassionate, thoughtful, sentimental, emotional, sweet, private, quiet at times, loony during other times, generous, supportive, funny funny funny, a good secret keeper, and all around one of my favorite people in the world. Her name is Aliera Dulcinea Morasch, but I call her bub. 
Happy Father's Day, everybody! I also want to say that I love my dad and stepdad very much and they have been such fantastic role models in my life. <3

This will be the last blog I write for two months. I will be a summer camp counselor at Devils Lake. I'll post again in mid-August. Have a great summer, ya'll! 

I am not posting an "Extra Reading" tonight because I want to leave you with these photos about friendship and love. I hope you all had a fabulous Father's Day!