Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Days of Parties

Parties are interesting things to me; I love to plan them and execute them, but on the day of the party, the before and after always seem to turn out to be slow and mundane. Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! The morning was filled with organizing things, showering, and buying groceries to make a delicious meal. The steps it takes to fulfill the execution of a party are almost mechanical sometimes: eat minimal breakfast, clean living space, clean yourself, make food, prepare for guests, and then... the mood suddenly changes. Chattering, gossiping, joking, eating, laughing. Making a mess of the space you cleaned an hour beforehand. The high of having people around lasts for an hour or two, and then some begin to leave. You end up chatting with one person who lingers, the party dies. Some walking around the city. Then home and comatose from eating and having a lot of people around in a small space. Sitting, sleeping. The day afterward. 

 Minimal breakfast in the sheets:
Brown bananas to throw away (should have been done long ago):
Afterward, comatose in our phallic "sombreros:"

Extra Reading:
Ben Zank: Zank, who is only 23 (!!) hails from New York and is a surrealist, self-portrait photographer. Go check out his cool shots, and always support young photographers!!