Sunday, April 27, 2014

Slight Unknown

The things I find the most interesting are the ones that are half hidden, or take on a mysterious or interesting form. Things that curve, that intertwine, that appear from behind a curtain, a wall, a plant. Life is mysterious--there is always something to be figured out, something that is unknown to us, that we will never know and never can know. Most of what we know comes from our intuition, something that is in itself quite mysterious.

Here are the curves, the hidden things, from my day:

Extra Reading:
Mikko Lagerstedt: Lagerstedt, a photographer from Finland, creates work that is beautiful and idyllic in a dark, lonely sort of way. Each photo is pristine, too pristine, which makes them majestic and unreal. The sense of mystery in Lagerstedt's photos are great, and each one has a story behind it; his photos make the viewer feel like constructing a narrative of make-believe. Go check him out and make up your own stories.