Monday, May 19, 2014

Hard and Soft

I can be the laziest person or the most hard-working person you know. People who say things like, "my break is too long," seriously confuse me. How can you have too much time off? There is always something to do if you are creative enough to find it. Or until you run out of money. That's a problem, too!

The feeling of sitting on a real couch after a long day of work is bliss. My bed, shutting my eyes, sleeping. Unfortunately I have been doing so much canvassing that I have been starting to have dreams about it. Ha!

Here are some moments from my day:

Someone forgot their clothes, whoops:
 Gay marriage got legalized today!! Woohoo!! ...
... but there were still some homo-haters at Portland State, and one of my friends wrote this sign in protest:
That couch sitting, man:

Extra Reading:
Jakob Wagner: Wagner has so much work, and it's nice and quiet. He makes landscapes and captures the majesty of the world. Through aerial, long exposure, and travel photography, Wagner shows many angles of landscape that I think you will enjoy.