Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sitting For Long Periods

Tonight I went to the park just as the sun was about to set. I sat there for a long time, watching the clouds move, watching the colors change, sitting through drizzle and a still breeze. The colors changed between cool and warm a few times, and it began to rain slightly. When I looked up, the clouds raced around inside each other, like those models of planets at OMSI that you can spin, the colors and liquids inside morphing into each other. I like sitting in places for a long time and witnessing how many things change around you in the environment. Many people walk by you, come and go, the light changes colors, gets lighter and darker, the temperature changes from slightly warm to chattering cold.

Also, there was a guy that sat a ways away from me at the park that laughed like a hyena. The girl he was with wasn't that into him, but he was still very patient and persistent, so you gotta give him that!

Look at the squirrel:

Extra Reading:
Glenn Friedel: Friedel makes large scale photograms, a genre of cameraless photography where the artist takes a piece of photo paper, places objects on top of the paper, and then exposes the whole thing to light. Making photograms is usually taught as a beginner-level exercise, so I think it is great that Friedel and other artists have taken that exercise further to create stunning pieces. Friedel makes photograms of the human form, and the shapes and colors he produces are brilliant. The link I sent you to is from Google Images because Friedel's site seems to be down. However, if you still want to peruse his website, you can go here