Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day again to you all!

This is my beautiful mother:

My mom is generous, funny, lovely, smart, intuitive, tenacious, strong, loyal, cool, fun, nurturing, clever, and creative. She has been a wonderful role model to me. Everywhere I go, people tell me how much they love my mother, and that is because she gives infinite love to the world. I love my mom so much, and I know that she'll always be a strong force in my life.

Today was a pretty mellow day, but I did take a crazy Kundalini yoga class with my mom. The class was on a DVD, so we got to do it in the comfort of our living room, which was good because it was unlike any other yoga class I had ever taken! At one point, the Sikh who taught it told us to place our left hand on our hearts and our right hand in the air. She said to make sure that we had the right hands in the right places, because if we did not, it could cause a heart attack. Then, toward the end of the practice, the teacher explained an exercise and then said, "Do it right, because if you don't, you won't get anything out of the whole practice!" Needless to say, my experience doing Kundalini today was intense and a bit frightening! 

I also walked home in the morning, and these are a few photographs from that walk:

Extra Reading:
Jessica (@paperlemon): In honor of Mother's Day, I want to promote Jessica's Instagram feed. Jessica is a mother who photographs her kids doing everything under the sun, from enjoying trips to Disneyland, to having sleepovers, to having tea near the ocean. Her photographs are light and dreamy, and beautiful. Go check her out and follow her!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! Thanks for reading!

Two Stories at Bedtime

Hello, everybody! Happy Mother's Day! Sorry I didn't post a blog yesterday; I had a change of plans in the evening, and I didn't have my computer with me (but I did have my camera, of course!). Anyway, the following post is what would have been yesterday's post (I will do another Mother's Day post later today).

I love story time. It's one of my favorite things. A fun thing to do is to make up stories on the spot, and tell them to someone else at bedtime. I will recount a story I told, and a story I was told by someone else.

First, mine:
Cheryl was a robot, and she lived in the factory that she was created in. Her creators were called the captors because they shipped all of her brothers and sisters off to strange places. One of her siblings was mailed to a safari in Africa, and all he did was rode strange creatures called elephants. Another one was sent to Atlanta, Georgia, where it was way too humid. Cheryl had escaped before the captors were able to ship her off; she was created by big machines, and as she rode the conveyor belt, she looked from side to side to make sure the captors weren't looking. Once the coast was clear, she quickly jumped off and ran for shelter. For days and months and years Cheryl spied on her captors, which is how she was able to find out certain top secret information about her poor brothers and sisters. She tried to escape the building, but there were no windows and all the doors were locked from the inside.
One day, after a long three years, Cheryl looked on with horror as one of her captors walked toward her. Her heart went pitter patter pitter patter, but the captor saw her, and she stopped moving as he picked her up. "I wonder how this little robot got here," he said. The captor took Cheryl to the shipment room and set her down, preparing her to be shipped. Cheryl decided that she would travel to wherever he sent her, and then free herself before her new captors could jail her. The next day, Cheryl was put on a plane to Toronto, Canada.
When she got on land, Cheryl took her left fist and broke open the box that she sat inside. She ran through the streets, seeing so many different sights: trees, grass, sidewalks, houses. At one house, Cheryl stopped and looked inside. There was a woman captor in the window, cutting vegetables for a meal. That is when Cheryl got a terrible and brilliant idea. She took her left fist, shattered the window, and ran toward the woman captor. Something came over Cheryl. She grabbed the knife right out of the captor's hand, and stabbed her in the heart. After that, there was no turning back. Every time Cheryl killed another human, she grew to be twice her size. After a number of killings, all Cheryl had to do was step on her captors to kill them. She was so much bigger than any human, and her body even extended into space. After Cheryl killed all seven billion people, she took their bodies and spelled out, "Robots Rule" all across the earth. She took over the universe, and robots had power for eternity!
The end.
Moral of the story: Don't mess with with things or people you don't know. Horrible things will ensue.

Ben's story:
Disclaimer: Ben did not make this story up on the spot. He recounted what he could remember of a story he authored as a child.
There was once a tomato who lived on a farm, and his name was Bob. Bob hung out on a vine with all of his brothers and sisters. It started to get boring on the vine, and Bob knew that there was so much more to see on the farm. One day, a dogtaur (head, arms, and torso of a human with a lower body of a dog) came sniffing and walking up to Bob's vine, and told Bob that he should go explore. At once, Bob hopped off his vine and into the field, rolling all around the farm. Eventually, Bob met a stalk of celery, named Harry. Harry exclaimed, "Oh, it's a tomato!"
Bob exclaimed, "Oh, it's celery!" After their introduction, Bob and Harry explored the farm some more, and eventually they came to the house at the end of the farm. They hopped up on the front windowsill, and saw a woman chopping vegetables for a salad. The woman looked up and saw Bob the tomato and Harry the celery sitting on her windowsill, and she said,
"Oh, look! Some more vegetables for my salad!" Quickly, Bob and Harry jumped off the sill and ran away as fast as they could. Then, SPLAT: the farmer stepped on Bob the tomato and Harry the celery. The end.
Moral of the story: Explore the world, but have a plan first.

We told these stories to each other while laying in bed and drinking tea, quickly falling asleep afterward. Story time is the best time, and if you don't take part in it yourself, you should begin today by telling a story to someone you love. At first, your stories might not be as good as ours (hehehe), but eventually you'll get the hang of it!

Extra Reading:
Steve Brockett: Brockett is an aerial photographer, painter, and kite maker (kite maker, how cool!!). His aerial photographs are sometimes ethereal and sometimes symmetric, and are all very beautiful.
His paintings are not planned out. Brockett is interested in the subconscious powers of art, and what we make when we don't try to control it.
The kites Brockett makes are constructed with polyester cotton carbon fibre or fiberglass spars, and are painted using screenprinting techniques or liquid fabric ink and a brush. The kites all have intricate designs. Please go look at Brockett's work!

I'll talk to you guys later today in my Mother's Day post. :)