Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Watered Down

the small bodies and the big bodies
each one is seducing
once you're sucked in
you find yourself dripping
with wet madness

the black sea swallows up the world like a sea urchin
absorbing the lights,
the bridge,
the sounds and the cars,
those bikers biking
those walkers walking
you could almost just fall in

that sea is cold, colder than hell,
but sometimes you sweat in a hot bath 
the skin on your legs getting red
and the sweat just rolling right off
becoming the large sea you bathe in

the steam is hot enough to burn you
as it always does
just as the black sea is always cold enough
to kill you from fright

Extra Reading:
Skye Del Viscio: The first thing that attracted me to this artist was the photograph she took of her mother from below, clad in a sunhat. I like Viscio's work because it is about home and the self (self-portraiture), which are subjects that are very near and dear to my heart. Photographs that are personal always have a comforting feeling to them, even if the subject matter is strange, sad, or angry. Viscio is about to finish her BFA at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, a huge accomplishment! You can also check our her blog here.