Saturday, June 7, 2014

Watering Duties

Right now my parents are in Hawaii, which means I have the house to myself; which means, of course, that I have to take care of things around the house; which means that I have to water our plants, the beautiful flowers and yummy vegetables we have on our decks. 

This is pretty self-explanatory, but, being a photographer and all, I thought I'd explain a little further with a few photos: 

And this is the image that first inspired this blogpost:

Extra Reading:
Amy Aiello: Today I'm sharing a blogpost from photographer, Amy Aiello. I like this particular blogpost because the image that is presented is a whimsical self-portrait that utilizes motion, and those are my favorite types of self portraits. You can also look at her main website here

Thank you, everyone, for reading. Have a wonderful day.

Look Alikes

Yesterday was National Donut Day! To celebrate such occasion, my boyfriend, Ben, and I, stood in line at Voodoo Donuts and when it came our turn, bought a Portland cream (round, chocolate donut with a custard-filled center), a voodoo doll (a donut in the shape of a voodoo doll with jelly in the center), a donut with peanut butter and Oreos, another peanut butter and chocolate covered bear claw donut, and a butterfingering (round donut with Butterfinger bits all over it)! On our walk home, we held hands, and as we passed one group of people, a guy yelled, "So how far are you guys apart?"

"How far?" I asked, though I knew he was talking about age. I knew the joke he was about to make.

"Like your mom and dad, how far apart did they have you guys?" And we all burst out laughing.

That was the second time that day that Ben and I were told/mistaken for being related.

Our similarities. They're fun to make light of. And no, there's no relation (that I know of). ;) Besides, you know, being two KICK ASS individuals.

Extra Reading:
Tomasz Wieja: Wieja plays with texture by blurring and overlapping photographs. Many of his pieces feel dreamy, warped, and hypnotic because of the techniques he uses, which provides an interesting perspective that not many other photographers give. The colors Wieja uses are also vibrant, highlighting the dreamy, hypnotic qualities of the images even more.