Sunday, April 13, 2014


At the place I work, we light candles to get some good smells going. As I was lighting the candles today, I noticed that the little yellow BIC lighter I was using had something etched into it.

Cunt. I don't know how I didn't notice it before.
People make me laugh. Who was so bored, or feeling so angsty, that they felt the need to etch the word, "cunt" into some plastic?

After work, I took a drive, and as I pulled onto a particular side street, I noticed a green house with two green-outfitted mannequins staring at me from the top window.

Someone's always home. No one's gonna rob that house. Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Mannequin!

Once you start noticing something, patterns will begin to emerge, and you'll likely notice similar things again and again. My day was a stream of strangosities, and so now I will share them with you,

in photographs.

Light My Cunt
Mr. and Mrs. M
Yesterday You Were Alive
Decided to Quit
Holy Shit

Extra Reading:
Since I have been playing around with double exposures lately (in a non-cheesy way, hopefully), I did a little research on other photographers who have made successful double exposure photographs. Here are two artists whose work I admire:
Sara K Byrne: beautiful and delicate floral portraits. Byrne is also based in Portland, hey neighbor.
Matt Wisniewski: I love so many of Wisniewski's manipulated photographs. He makes people look like they have a head of waves, or a beard of rubble. Definitely inspiring and worth checking out. Also, he's just four years older than myself. Right on.