Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Little Special Moments

I love that moment you wake up with someone; it's in between being half asleep and being fully conscious. You whisper something to that person, and it is barely audible. Even though you didn't say anything important, they still respond with a loving grumble. That is how I started my morning, and it made my whole day better.

Then, work, work, work,
seeing an old friend
can I have your autograph??
sushi, charger
a new friend
guilty pleasure television
another newish friend and roses
bed again.

Days can be a revolving door, mostly the same process each time.
pull out the little moments, and days become something you can remember
in particular.


Little rusty treasure I found:
What happens?:
Open curtain:
Flower and plant series:
Self-portrait, sitting in the driveway, listening to music loudly:

Extra Reading:
Olivia Bee: I love this girl! We are the same age and both Portlanders! Miss Bee captures teenage spirit perfectly in her photographs. She has also worked for several well-known magazines and publications, including, but not limited to, Harper's Bazaar Germany and Nylon Magazine. The work Bee produces is raw and amazing, and so worth looking at.

Goodnight, lovelies. :)