Monday, April 28, 2014


One of my favorite parts about being home during sunny days is when I walk up the stairs and see rainbows blazing all over the walls, the curtains, and the door. The sun shines through the glass chandelier we have, projecting groups of color in little spasms, all over the stairway and above. As the minutes pass, the shapes change with the sunshine, the spasms morphing into even more interesting groups and clusters. Each sunny day that I'm home and I walk up the stairs in the early evenings, I have the pleasure of enjoying this magical sight. Even though I know the little rainbows are only caused by light refraction, I prefer to imagine myself as a leprechaun who just hit the rainbow jackpot (leading to fat stacks in my pocket, ya know!!).

Extra Reading:
Thoughtful Spot: Here is someone else's blogpost about these little rainbows.
Kumi Yamashita: My best friend's boyfriend sent me a link to Yamashita's work (thank you, Cedric!). She is not a photographer, but her work is amazing. In one project, she takes blocks and organizes them in a perfect form that causes a face to emerge in shadow when a light is shined on the blocks. Yamashita does the same thing with post-it notes and cut paper. The magic she creates is absolutely amazing, enough to boggle just about anyone's mind. Please go take a look!

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Feeling Small

I went to the waterfront today and laid down on the edge of a concrete planter to look up at the amazing, expansive sky. It was all light blue, the clouds only in my periphery. The sky has always amazed me immensely--it makes me feel incredibly small. When I look up into the universe, I feel as if I know close to nothing, or rather, that everything I think I know is only that: something I think I know but can never be sure of. The universe is the only thing that has the answers, the big wide universe, our amazing and mysterious home. That beautiful light blue sky, it makes me realize how small I am, and how many questions I have that will never and could never be answered. I sat there staring for minutes, gazing up in awe, knowing that I am tiny, but protected by this giant universe I call home.

Here are some different views of the sky:

Extra Reading:
Jon Wyatt: If you'd like to see some other beautiful skyscapes (and a lot more breathtaking landscape imagery for that matter), check out Wyatt's work!