Friday, April 11, 2014

New Feature!

Guys! New feature!
(I feel like an infomercial.)

I've decided that at the end of my blog posts, I will put links to extra reading. Most of it will be photography based, and sometimes I might post a link to something related to a different artistic medium. These links will be to other blogs, artists' websites, or news stories that I find interesting. I hope this part of my blog enhances your experience, and I hope you ponder the links and look at more art than just mine. After all, the way to learn about art and get inspired is to look at a lot of different art! :)

Today I have two links to share:

Jamie Diamond: I found this woman on LENSCRATCH. Diamond uses actors and poses them to create scenes from her childhood, as well as other scenes she finds interesting. She also has a project where she instructs actors to pose for a "family portrait." The actors don't know each other, but they know how to act as a family to have their portrait taken. I think it's brilliant. And quite funny.

Suzanne Heintz: After multiple people asked her too many times about why she was still single, Heintz decided to make an art project out of her frustration. To stuff the obnoxious "why aren't you married yet?" question up people's asses, Heintz bought two mannequins (one grown man and one little girl), and traveled around the world to take "family portraits" with them. Her project is hilarious, and weird, and everything good.

Enjoy, guys! Thanks for reading. :)