Thursday, May 15, 2014

Morning and Night People

I've always thought the difference between morning people and night people was a funny one. Usually I've found that when you have a relationship with someone who is opposite you (say you are a morning person and they are a night person), it changes your relationship. Morning and night people run their days completely differently. For morning people, they could feel like their day is halfway over by noon. For night people, their day could just be starting (or not even started yet) by that same time. It seems as if morning people attract other morning people and vice versa. Each type of person has their own stereotypes as well: morning people seem to be more "type A," people who want to start their day early and end it at a reasonable hour in order to be as productive as possible; morning people sometimes seem to think night owls are lazy (they wake up late), and a little irresponsible (how could they stay up so late?). Night people, on the other hand, seem to be people who go with the flow, and are more interested in spontaneity than productivity. But they, as well, judge the other side: morning people are seen as a little crazy (why would you want to get up so early?!) and uptight (can it be ok to stay up later than ten o'clock?). Obviously, stereotypes are not always true, but what I've mentioned is what I've found to be true in my own life much of the time.

Here are some photographs from my morning. I am a night person, who was up too early for my own good.

Extra Reading: 
Paul Schneggenburger: Interested in finding out whether sleeping with a lover is a solitary act or a combined one, Schneggenburger took long exposure photographs of several couples sleeping together. He wanted to find out if sleeping together promoted shared emotions. By photographing the couples from midnight until 6 AM, Schneggenburger was able to find dynamic and beautiful results. Please go take a look.