Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tired Tuesday

Today I was way too exhausted to work, so I came home to take a nap, and I only napped for about an hour. Then I went on a walk and now I am tired again. It seems like this happens whenever I take a day off to rest. It's the days when I don't need anymore sleep that I sleep all day.

Also, gluten free cake can be good. It goes down your throat swiftly. Then you wonder why you've gained five pounds.

I like puffy coats because I feel like a human marshmallow, which is the best kind of marshmallow. Cause let's be honest: the white marshmallows you eat aren't that great unless they're on s'mores.

Lately I have liked taking photos on my iPhone. I've needed a fast way to capture things. 

The tired face, woah:
 Appropriate at work:
Or I could just have these sunglasses:
They don't even cost anything. That's convenient.

The writing on bathroom walls makes me so happy. I go to Cup and Saucer a lot (on SE Hawthorne), and usually their walls are covered in writing. They literally repaint the walls every couple months because of how much people write on them. Unfortunately, when I went in the bathroom today, there was a fresh coat of paint, but this gem was still there:
"Did you wash your hands?"
"Well fucking do it then" (the word, "fucking" squiggled out, of corse! Let's be PC!)
"I don't have hands." (never mind, forget the PC thing!)

Two worlds colliding:
Someone's got a lavender gift on their seat:
Not only do people yard their furniture outside in the summer (pun not intended), but they use the outdoors as a closet, too!
do you see the foot deodorant inside the shoes?

And why not bring a pacifier out, too?!
Cause that's sanitary.
Apparently limb-loss is popular these days:
Look, I'm in her glasses and her chest.
a man with no arms saw a job posting for a bell ringer
the contact for the job was a priest
the man went to the priest and asked to be the bell ringer
the priest of course brought up the issue of having no hands (???)
the no-hands man said it was ok and that he'd prove it to the priest
the priest took the no-hands man up to the bell tower
the no-hands man ran and jumped, catching the bell rope with his teeth
the bell rung, and ricocheted back to hit the no-hands man in the face
the no-hands man fell to the ground
the priest ran down to help him
a crowd of people had surrounded the no-hands man
they asked the priest if he knew who the no-hands man was
the priest said,
"no, but his face rings a bell."

Admit it. You laughed. Or maybe you didn't, whatever.

A friend told me today that if he lost a limb
he might not be able to go on
but he's just drinking the haterade
and yes, I just said, "haterade"
I know

Is this doll not soooo creepy?
Yes, I think so!!


Extra Reading:
Mezzetty Art Gallery: I like this studio because it has a very commercial vibe, but the digital manipulation the artists use give the photographs a fine art quality. It looks Free People-esque with digital manipulation.