Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Always Performing

I am fortunate enough to have many friends who are also musicians. The thing about musicians, or any other type of performers for that matter, is that they will play for you / dance for you / do headstands and handstands and backflips for you all day long. That is a unique quality about performing artists: they are able to connect with people immediately in a way that visual artists cannot. I can't necessarily please someone right away with my photography skills because it takes time to get a tangible product. However, I can entertain my friends in the moment, in their moment, by dancing for or with them.

Artists in general are fun to hangout with. They always inspire me.

Extra Reading:
Nikolaj Lund: This is an interesting article about photographer Nikolaj Lund, who makes images of classical musicians in incredible environments. Lund was a cellist for over 20 years, and only turned to photography professionally after suffering a severe neck injury. Therefore, his photographs of other musicians are especially meaningful and personal. What inspires me about Lund's work is his courage to be creative; as he notes, classical musicians are trained very formally, and most portraits you find of them are just as formal. Lund steps out of that mold and makes portraits of classical musicians that are appealing, fun, and creative.

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